Mar 19: Mosaico Experiencia x CumbiaSazo (Austin TX)

Mosaico Experiencia x CumbiaSazo sxsw

We’re thrilled to be in Austin for SXSW week and teaming up with the Mosaico Experiencia family to host a closing party + convergence for the Mexic-Arte Museum’s Pop-Up Pulga, Saturday, March 19 from 4-9pm [419 Congras Ave. Austin, TX].

Live music by:
// SAN CHA (Los Angeles)

With DJs:
// LOVE & MAGICK (Rio Grande Valley)// ITZI NALLAH with LESTER REY (CumbiaSazo, Chicago)
// ANG.G (Peoples DJs Collective, Austin)
// SOUND CULTURE (Future Rootz, Chicago)

Visual installation:
// “Rastros de Ser” by Amara Betty Martin (Chicago)

About “Rastros de Ser”
// Rastros de Ser is the first solo exhibition by Amara Betty Martin a multidisciplinary artist and organizer born and raised in Chicago.

This exhibition includes original photographs, collage, captured sound, poetry, text and pattern-based works exemplifies documents the urban lucha.

Amara Betty documents and honors the vibrant Latino communities she is shaped by which are full of immense beauty, color, culture, tradition, and strength.

The purpose of these works being to give a voice to everyday warriors and to create an avenue for discussing intense issues of our time through accessible and relative storytelling.