Music Lineup: CumbiaSazo ft. Lido Pimienta & iBomba [3/29/14]


Lido Pimienta


Known as “Colombian darling” and “Soundsister”, Lido Pimienta jumps back and forth from electronic beats, analog synths and Afro-Colombian rhythms to out-of-this-world chanting.

“Picture Bjork if she grew up in Baranquilla,” says Sergio Elmir of Dos Mundos.

The Canada-based Colombian artist and musician is one of those brave, unique souls who encourages you to open your heart more just by being who they are. Her detailed drawings and folk-art inspired paintings mirror her intensely personal and intensely political music. The music combines the enchanting intimacy of Juana Molina’s fragile electronic soundscapes with the handmade art pop of The Blow, and something punk — like Suicide getting in touch with their twee side. Her critically lauded 2010 Spanish-language debut album Color, is like a beautiful (and highly accessible) art installation made from ordinary craft supplies and stuff people keep around the house. It’s a bright world of rhythm and melody that you just want to walk around in and contemplate.

For CumbiaSazo March 29th at Double Door, Lido will be performing with her newly formed band and also joined by a surprise selection of Chicago instrumentalists.



iBomba DJs: Beto & Ushka

(New York/Mexico/Puerto Rico/Sri Lanka)

iBomba is a Brooklyn-based DJ duo (DJ Beto & DJ Ushka) known for high energy, tag-team DJ ing that uplifts crowds with a genre-blending mix of digital cumbia, future dancehall, trini-soca, kuduro, baile-funk, bhangra bass, 3ball, champeta, and juke.

Dubbed “NYC’s best underground Latin party” by Timeout New York, iBomba pushes for the newest in mash-ups, remixes, and progressive sounds from across the globe, creating a party that is as diverse and hybrid as it’s music.

DJs Beto & Ushka have spun collectively and individually at Le Poisson Rouge, S.O.B’s, Tammany Hall, The Shrine & La Respuesta and shared stages with Bomba Estero, Los Amigos Invisibles, Zuzuka Poderosa, Los Rakas, Venus X, DJ/ Rupture, Q-tip and Tony Touch. We’re looking forward to having them together for the first time in the Chi!





(((Sonorama))) are djs, vinyl lovers, lifelong students of good music, children of the drum and groove in all its expressions, we’re collectors with the desire to share with other open minds and ears, the sonic treats that for one reason or another have been forgotten or simply haven’t gotten the credit they deserve. We are music anthropologists interested in discovering and exploring the roots of contemporary music and to explore the diverse world of music in all its expressions.



MC Zulu


Having achieved worldwide acclaim for his off-brand variety of Electro-driven Reggae, MC Zulu continues to push the sonic envelope. He deliberately chooses rhythms with a worldly, yet uncategorizable feel to them as the backdrop for his rapid fire, randomized cadence. MC Zulu’s appeal, however goes further than his choice of tracks.

While many of his Dancehall contemporaries, finding themselves in unfamiliar musical territory, adhere to a more classic Reggae songwriting style, Zulu enthusiastically breaks rules. He routinely channels a variety of artists which have nothing to do with Dancehall to create his intriguing sound.

While Zulu’s irreverent interjections of Gospel choruses, Country storytelling, Jazz improvisation or Hip-Hop street smarts may go unnoticed to the casual listener, those who have an attuned ear immediately develop an appreciation for his imaginative musings. It’s no surprise that some of the most ardent MC Zulu fans around the world are DJs who have embraced Global Bass- style music.



La Perla & DJ Dime

La Perla & DJ Dime both hail from Peoples DJs Collective, which is a crew of DJs supporting, empowering, learning with each other & community, guided by love & values of social justice. Supporting genres, communities & causes at the margins & music without borders, each of the Peoples DJs brings a unique translation of the intersection of dance & liberation.

About DJ Dime:

“Djing to me its about sharing good conscience music from all over the world that some of us are not exposed to often. I mix a lot of old new classics underground music from all types of genres specially Soulful House, Underground Hip-Hop and Cumbias!”



DJ Newlife

FEX Foreign Exchange crew founder & resident DJ, DJ Newlife was born and bred in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. As the 
son of a musician/vocalist and an artist, he has 
always been described as someone who never fell into 
the modes of traditional thought. This carries over 
into his diverse brand of music and the styles of 
beats that just seem to choose themselves while he’s 
on the decks.



Dario X

Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer and Turntablist. Percussionist for BlahBlahBlah.




Soulphonetics is a Chicago-based DJ/producer collective comprised by Mexican north-sider Christian Vera and Belizean south-sider Caswell James. Together they’ve hustled diligently to bring the soulful sounds of house, hip-hop, jazz and all forms of Afro-Latin & electronic rhythms to the fabric of social consciousness. The eclectic duo firmly believe that music is an essential element of the nourishment of our mind, body and souls.



DJ Afrqobano

Afroqbano is Chicago-based DJ and producer with Sonic Diaspora crew and People’s DJ Collective.

Originally from Cuba, he worked for years in Havana as a DJ for various underground House and Hip Hop clubs and produced and toured with some of the most well-known artists and ensembles of the Cuban music scene. Since moving to the United States, he has continued to expand his style and his musical influence. While the Afrocuban and Latin rhythms of his culture are central to his sound, he embraces and merges a wide range of global music in his sets and sounds.



Sound Culture

Born and raised in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood DJ Sound Culture has always had a great affinity for world cultures and deep music. His passion for both has to a large extent laid the path in front of him for most of his life. In the dj booth DJ Sound Culture is somewhat of an ethno-musicologist or rhythmic cultural chemist of sorts, exploring the world’s sounds and finding the threads that tie us all together globally. From Bhangra to Balkan Beat, African Soukous to Latin House, he knows how to navigate your auditory senses. His live mixes are both dynamic and seamlessly cohesive, whether you’re a world music enthusiast or dance floor regular, he keeps things interesting.

Accolades include: Twice featured DJ at World Music Festival Chicago – the longest running world music festival in the country, featured world music DJ at Folk and Roots Festival Chicago 2011, featured DJ at Nomadic World Music Festival 2010, Voted favorite DJ by CHIRemezcla representing Chicago’s cutting edge latin music scene for the national En Tu Cuidad MySpace Latino campaign.


DJ Itzi Nallah

Itzi Nallah

Itzi Nallah is our resident DJ and organizer/designer.  A member of FEX and Sonic Diaspora crews as well as Peoples DJs Collective, his focus is on global roots & bass music and liberation-minded dance floors.


Whew that was a lot. Now check out the VISUAL ARTIST LINEUP.

*Photos for Afroqbano, Sound Culture & Itzi Nallah by Nia Photography.