Visual Arts & Vendors: Sept 27 CumbiaSazo


Ivan Vazquez Art

Live Painting, Chicago

Ivan Vazquez’ work is Realism, Surrealism, and Modern Abstract Expressionism. Born in Cd. Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico D.F and raised on the south side of Chicago IL, Ivan’s work tells stories pertaining to Domestic, Social and political issues from an urban vantage point.




Live Painting, Chicago



Madre de Perla Designs

“Madre de Perla” Designs: Beautifully funk-tional, fresh, re-mixed & re-designed wallets, purses, clutches, bags, hats & accessories using hand cut & placed fabrics. All designs have vintage elements & recycled materials included & are one-of-a-kind.



Liz Reyes

Elizabeth Reyes is an artist from the southwest side of Chicago. Most of her work is created through the use of Aerosol paint, acrylic paint, and acrylic paint markers. She’s a teaching artist as well as graffiti writer and has dabbled a little in tattooing but her true passion is with aerosol paint. Her work possess a strong theme of Sugar skulls and Dia de los Muertos.



Goyo Diaz as BAGizzles

Goyo Diaz, sole creator at Bagizzles in Chicago, is a toy sculpture artist creating wire works, creatures, and sculptures.



Blue Betties

Blue Betties Boutique offers unique jewelry, clothing and home decor while featuring local artists & their work.  It was founded by Laura Arellano in 2009 with just a few dollars and great determination and is located in Pilsen at 21st Street & Ashland Ave.




Live Visuals, Dale Shine

CaliXta DJs and VJs as part of the dále shine collective, along with DJ cavrito and blancateli. Originally from Chicago, caliXta joined dále shine to spin a wide variety of digital music, integrate visuals into music, and work to create a scene for ‘cyber ritmos’ in various local scenes. Her philosophy is to create and bridge spaces through an audio-visual experience from around the world that people will love.dále shine is a party series dedicated to showcasing the music of latinx america, integrating that music into the Chicago soundscape, and providing a safe space for diversity of expression.



Jose Lepez Espinoza

Jose Lepez Espinoza is visual artist native to the Little-Village area. His work focuses on themes like duality and transformation of the self in relationship to one’s surroundings. Through his deep introspective reflection, each piece offers the viewer a chance to reflect on those same ideas through a visual context they can relate to. He strives to promote self-awareness as the stepping-stone to positive change in the material world.



Menta Castillo



Chicago Turntablist Authority (CTA)

CTA (Chicago Turntablist Authority) is a team of Battle DJs seeking to put Chicago back in the spotlight for DJing and turntablism. To do this, the team is striving for dominance in the DJ battle scene by pairing refined technical skills along with strong musicality and selection. CTA consists of DJ Ambideckstriks, DJ Toltech, and RTST. They will be representing the US in the 2014 DMC Team World Finals (London) and are offering merch to help fundraise for the trip.



Unkel Mawk’s Vittles


Unkel Mawk’s Vittles is club-oriented comfort cuisine reflecting the creolized tastes of the Americas, where the New World meets the taste of the African diaspora, with updated liberating flavors of the Old South. A select list of our fans include Lido Pimienta (Toronto), Boogat (Montreal), MC Zulu (Chicago), Beto and Ushka (NYC) and DJs Natasha Diggs (NYC), ATN/8YEN (Paris), Rich Medina (NYC), Juanderful Juan (Philly), Atropolis (NYC), Romasoul (Chicago), NewLife and Itzi Nallah (Chicago) and Warp (Chicago).

Unkel Mawk’s September CumbiaSazo menu can be previewed here.


Glitter Guts


GlitterGuts is the bastard child of portraiture, installation art, and event photography. Our aim is to capture the world we live in at its best, the culture, the subcultures, and the counterculture. Find us where people are enjoying themselves.


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