Visual Arts & Vendors: Oct 25 CumbiaSazo


City Girl | Carolina I. Reyes

I’ve been collecting vintage pieces since as far back as I can remember. I look for very specific things like sturdy classic leather purses in solid colors, abstract vintage clothing, Glam shoes, and very unique intricate statement jewelry pieces. I like to look for pieces that I would wear as an artist in the city which are abstract, grunge, Street style, and romantic. When scouting out items, I look for real leather, comfort, and artistic personality in the items. Your style says a lot about who you are, so I use my creative eye to select pieces to add to your wardrobe. City Girl’s Esty Shop.



No Manches

No Manches is a social conscience clothing company from the south side of Chicago that provides original designs to give the Latino community a way to express themselves in a culturally relevant and meaningful way. Clothing built to bridge the gap between generations and to educate others on the Latino Culture.




Leekovision, Body Art & live painting




My Noma

My nOma is a high fashion jewelry line, created by artist and designer Nora Maité Nieves, located in Chicago, IL. Nora received a Masters degree in Fine Arts from the School of the Art institute of Chicago. Her training in fiber and material studies informs her eclectic and free spirited designs. The use of vibrant color, sensitivity to texture, uncommon materials, and attention to detail, are also a consequence of Nora’s studies in painting and graphic design, as well as her upbringing in the Caribbean. There is nothing that Nora enjoys more than creating new and original concepts. By questioning the final product, she often arrives at surprising new directions. My nOma’s whimsical and asymmetrical designs are eloquent and expressive, while challengingly unconventional.




Live Painting, Chicago



Yem’s Gems

Handmade jewelry & handcrafts by Yesica E. Morfin.


Ivan Vazquez Art

Live Painting, Chicago

Ivan Vazquez’ work is Realism, Surrealism, and Modern Abstract Expressionism. Born in Cd. Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico D.F and raised on the south side of Chicago IL, Ivan’s work tells stories pertaining to domestic, social and political issues from an urban vantage point.



Jaguar Eagle




Liz Reyes

Elizabeth Reyes is an artist from the southwest side of Chicago. Most of her work is created through the use of Aerosol paint, acrylic paint, and acrylic paint markers. She’s a teaching artist as well as graffiti writer and has dabbled a little in tattooing but her true passion is with aerosol paint. Her works possess a strong theme of Sugar skulls and Dia de los Muertos.



Planet Rock Jewelers

Planet Rock Jewelers creates inexpensive Heirloom pieces handmade from Copper and semi precious Gemstones.



Tanay Rivera with Damien Rose

Tanay Rivera was born in Chicago but lived in Florida, Wisconsin and New Jersey. She is a graphic designer, having studied at City Colleges of Chicago, Harold Washington and MATC, but also works with ceramics, plaster, resin, and mixed media.  Tanay sites the singer Bjork as a main source of inspiration and has recently exhibited work at the Chicago Art Department’s Convergence Divergence. Her goal is to express lives opposite energies- beauty/ugliness, happiness/sadness, and intelligence/stupidity. She would like to create a reflection of these sometimes-painful dichotomies.

Damien Rose grew up drawing, first sketching wildlife as a child, and then expanding to people, and eventually exploring mythological and fantastic creatures. He’s explored as many art forms and media as possible, learning sprite art, painting in his free time, studying Commercial Art in high school, and graduating with a B.A. in Traditional Animation. While drawing influence from masters of manga, painting, fantasy art, and animation, more than anything Damien sees art as a natural extension of himself and seeks mastery over his craft.



Twenty Thou

Twenty Thou is the project of Nicold Ologundudu. She’s an accessory designer based in Chicago who loves working with her hands and strives to look for unique, funky, cool beads and findings that can make her work stand out. Twenty Thou is her own personal student loan bailout, the story behind the name is that her goal is to sell twenty thousand pieces to pay off her student loans.



Hand in Hand Love | Olga Plata

Hand in Hand Love is locally handcrafted and made with love from our hands to yours. Our passion for jewelry, accessory, designs and much more brings together unique and creative pieces that fit your style. We have a variety of world inspired jewelry as well as modern designs. We work with many different materials some being a combination of reclaimed and modern pieces. We seek to offer artistic and quality crafted pieces, each reflecting our passion for beauty and each a piece of art you wear.



Las Crafty Anties

Evelyn Medina, born in Mexico City and raised in the north side of Chicago. She focuses her arts and crafts by celebrating life based on Dia de los Muertos.


Shannon Evans

Sugar skull face painting

Shannon Evans is a freelance muralist, face painter, and scenic artist for theatrical productions in addition to her theatre work as a director, producer, designer, actor, and educator. Most recently, she designed the blood effects for Silent Theatre’s gruesome Nosferatu currently running at Prop Theatre.



Glitter Guts


GlitterGuts is the bastard child of portraiture, installation art, and event photography. Our aim is to capture the world we live in at its best, the culture, the subcultures, and the counterculture. Find us where people are enjoying themselves.


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Carolina-I.-Reyes photo by Justin Breaux, Leekovision photo by Lucio Villa