Visual Arts & Vendors: May 31 at Thalia Hall



Live Painting, Chicago

Emmanuel White Eagle and his art are an eclectic mixture of styles and mediums. From his visual standpoint he fuses ethnic design from all over the world from iconography, fashion, culture, spirituality and religion as well as some political and cultural statements of the environment around him. Emmanuel sees the world reflected as a kaleidoscope either from his surrounding culture or globally and brings that fusion into his work visually and philosophically. Emmanuel’s art puts the world into unison from his personal yet global perspective deriving the cosmos into his way of life with pure creative expression whether trough fine art, illustration, animation,video and film, electronic music or fashion.

Ivan Vazquez art

Ivan Vazquez Art

Live Painting, Chicago

Ivan Vazquez’ work is Realism, Surrealism, and Modern Abstract Expressionism. Born in Cd. Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico D.F and raised on the south side of Chicago IL, Ivan’s work tells stories pertaining to Domestic, Social and political issues from an urban vantage point.



Jose Valdovinos

Live painting, Chicago



Mynor Paredes

Live painting, Chicago



Ricardo Gonzalez

“The concept behind my work focuses on creating a dialogue about the displacement and belonging of the Mexican-American culture in the United States through its intersection with various elements used to brand culture such as popular iconography, externally imposed generalizations, and perpetuated stereotypes.”




I began working with this material a few years ago and it came very naturally. Unlike painting or design, I enjoyed not making any sketches first – sometimes not planning anything at all but letting the ideas just – come. I also prefer to show humanity w/out all of the ‘extras’:  skin, hair, clothing – so that the viewer isn’t limited by sex, race, age, etc.



Maria Gonzalez

Maria Gonzalelez is a Mexican American visual artist and graphic designer from Pilsen, Chicago. She works in a colorful abstract style that uses multiple design effects to produce joyful prints and illustrations.



Goyo Diaz as BAGizzles

Goyo Diaz, sole creator at Bagizzles in Chicago, and is a toy sculpture artist creating wire works, creatures, and sculptures.



Amara Betty Martin Artist

Amara Betty Martin is an independent visual artist and event organizer working across Chicago’s barrios to create and foster creative outlets for emerging artists and independent business.



Matthew Silva

Matthew Silva is a native of Little Village. He is a Graphic Designer, Instructor and print maker.


Fleursdeguerre Flowersofwar




Live Visuals, Dale Shine

CaliXta DJs and VJs as part of the dále shine collective, along with DJ cavrito and blancateli. Originally from Chicago, caliXta joined dále shine to spin a wide variety of digital music, integrate visuals into music, and work to create a scene for ‘cyber ritmos’ in various local scenes. Her philosophy is to create and bridge spaces through an audio-visual experience from around the world that people will love.dále shine is a party series dedicated to showcasing the music of latinx america, integrating that music into the Chicago soundscape, and providing a safe space for diversity of expression.



Pilsen Outpost

A new artist run pop-up shop in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. Showcasing some of the freshest artist handmade products, custom toys, special edition prints, books, zones, and fine artwork. We are a retail environment that introduces and immerses customers in the unique and exciting work of local emerging community artists.



Made By Julio

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Quetzal Artesanias Hand Crafts

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Ajna Oils

Single essential oils and custom blends & perfumes.



Sobremesa Supper Club

Sobremesa Supper Club is a collaborative effort between Felipe Cabrera, Mayra Estrella, Efren Candelaria, and Chef Gabriel Moya. We are a dinner experience that aims to trigger encounters between individuals from different parts of town over a meal. Sobremesa strives to promote community and foster relationships through these connections.



Unkle Mawk’s Vittles


Unkle Mawk’s Vittles is club-oriented comfort cuisine reflecting the creolized tastes of the Americas, where the New World meets the Old World, with updated liberating flavors of the Old South. A select list of our fans include Lido Pimienta (Toronto), Boogat (Montreal), MC Zulu (Chicago), Beto and Ushka (NYC) and DJs Natasha Diggs (NYC), ATN/8YEN (Paris), Rich Medina (NYC), Juanderful Juan (Philly), Atropolis (NYC), Romasoul (Chicago), NewLife and Itzi Nallah (Chicago) and Warp (Chicago).


Leftist Lounge

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Glitter Guts


GlitterGuts is the bastard child of portraiture, installation art, and event photography. Our aim is to capture the world we live in at its best, the culture, the subcultures, and the counterculture. Find us where people are enjoying themselves.


Pochtekamah Arte
Karakol Screen-printing Collective
Jose Lepez Espinoza


Art and Crafts Market curated by:

Amara Betty Martin