Music Lineup: CumbiaSazo ft. Dos Santos Anti-Beat Orquesta, DJ Rat & Olmeca [10/25/14]


Dos Santos Anti-Beat Orquesta

(Cumbia rebelde, Chicago)

Dos Santos: Anti-Beat Orquesta rocks the sounds of pan-Latin American cumbia. Their gritty, grassroots approach captures the “golden age” of streamlined, tight-knit ensembles that shook sweatbox dance floors with raw and fierce energy throughout Latin America in the 1970s—honest dance music with no frills and no fear, anchored by piercing guitars, garage organs, and straight-ahead percussive might. Dos Santos’ live performance at CumbiaSazo this month will feature special appearances by Ana Santos and Mercedes Inez Martinez of Son Monarcas.



DJ Rat (MaracuYeah)

(Washington DC)

Washington DC’s MaracuYeah collective is internationally known for rockin mixtape-style Pan-Latin-to-the-Future sounds that shake crowds and mix in traditional & popular tropical rhythms which founders Mafe & Rat grew up with. Their DJ sets feature everything from vintage chicha recordings, cumbias rebajadas, 3ball gems from 2019, dancehall, rock en español, electro-cumbia sensations, tropical booty bangers and their very own flavor- quinceañera bass. MaracuYeah is also a collective of amigas who organize quarterly tropical underground events in DC- usually concerts featuring new new independent Latin artists, and high-energy fiestas focused on inclusion, dancing, and creative community power. DJ rAt in particular is a founding member of DC’s Anthology of Booty DJ crew, and organizes a queer-centered DJ workshop for women and gender non conforming people of color.




(Los Angeles)

Olmeca is an MC, producer, activist and one of the few artists who broke ground as an artist and advocate for human rights. He has earned praises from the world famous Wake Up Show (MTV Sway and Tech), a platform that catapulted the careers of Eminem, Dilated Peoples, and Jurassic 5, amongst others. In parallel, Olmeca has garnished attention within Latin Alternative scene for his poignant mix of rhythms & styles as well as Latino America and social justice dignitaries Dolores Huerta, Luis J. Rodriguez, and others for his politi-cultural commentary.





I would go so far as to say (((Sonorama))) are the cumbia dons in these parts. They are DJs, vinyl lovers, lifelong students of good music, and children of the drum and groove in all its expressions who share a desire to shine light on the sonic treats that for one reason or another have been forgotten or simply haven’t gotten their due credit. They are music anthropologists interested in discovering and exploring the roots of contemporary music. Without a doubt (((Sonorama))) are some of our and Chicago’s favorite DJs.



Kinky P

(Reggae, Dub y Cumbia, Sonidero Jaguar, Chicago)

Reggae Selectress Kinky P focuses on traditional Sound System Culture from Jamaica, playing the classics and latest international Reggae Sounds. A founding member of Chicago’s Reggae, Dub y Cumbia party, Kinky P plans to haul out a special crate of cumbias alongside her usual fare for her debut CumbiaSazo set. Some of her influences include King Tubby, Lee Scratch Perry, Mad Professor, Jah Shaka, King Earthquake, Zion Train, Channel One, Dubkasm, Radikal Guru, Jahtari, Mungo’s HI FI, Dreadsquad, Dub-Stuy, Simmer Down Sound, Irie Ites, and Digital Dubs. Strictly Vinyl!!



DJ Newlife

FEX co-founder & resident, DJ Newlife was born and bred in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. As the 
son of a musician/vocalist and an artist, he has 
always been described as someone who never fell into 
the modes of traditional thought. This carries over 
into his diverse brand of music and the styles of 
beats that just seem to choose themselves while he’s 
on the decks. Chicago’s FEX party has hosted global-minded luminaries such as Maga Bo, Daniel Haaksman, Mexicans with Guns, Chief Boima, Rich Medina, Lefto, Bobbito Garcia, Boogat, and Jeremy Sole, so you can be sure to experience an eclectic and technically sound mix anytime Newlife is on the decks.




(Push Beats)

Descending from mystical improv jazz great Mario Rivera, Cos continues the legacy to challenge the edge of musical art and rhythm just as his father. Combining melodic lines that have transcended from the unmatched creative days and moving chest permeating bass lines that serve to captivate wanderers and place them on path. We’ve got so much respect for Chicago’s Push Beats crew and are thrilled Cos will be joining us for a special set.




Live Visuals, Dale Shine

CaliXta DJs and VJs as part of the dále shine collective, along with DJ Cavrito and Blancateli. Originally from Chicago, caliXta joined Dále Shine to spin a wide variety of digital music, integrate visuals into music, and work to create a scene for ‘cyber ritmos’ in various local scenes. Her philosophy is to create and bridge spaces through an audio-visual experience from around the world that people will love. Dále Shine is a party series dedicated to showcasing the music of Latinx america, integrating that music into the Chicago soundscape, and providing a safe space for diversity of expression.




(Cuba/Chicago/Que Horas Son/Sonic Diaspora)

A member of the Sonic Diaspora and People’s DJ Collective, Afroqbano is originally from Cuba and now living in Chicago. In Habana, he worked as a regular DJ for a number of underground house and Hip Hop clubs and produced and toured with some of the most well-known artists and ensembles in Cuba. Since moving to the United States, he has continued to expand his style and his musical influence. While the Afro-Cuban and Latin rhythms of his culture are central to his sound, he embraces and merges a wide range of global music.



Surcul (Mos)

(Villapalooza, Que Horas Son)

DJ Mos is a dear friend and co-founder of Que Horas Son and Villapalooza– Little Village Music Festival. Que Horas Son is a local-arts-first party based in Pilsen and Villapalooza is a free, all-day, all-ages music festival dedicated to promoting non-violent spaces for arts and community engagement. Drawing both local and international musicians, Villapalooza has emerged as one of Chicago’s most popular and diverse grassroots music festivals.



Itzi Nallah

Itzi Nallah is CumbiaSazo’s resident DJ and our faithful organizer.  A member of FEX and Sonic Diaspora crews as well as Peoples DJs Collective, his focus is on global roots & bass music and creating liberation-minded dance floors.


Jorge Licona-Villaseñor

(Dancer/instructor, Mexico/Chicago)


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(Photos: Dos Santos by Jenni Kotting, MaracuYeah by Hugo Najera, Kinky P by checkthevibes, Newlife & Itzi Nallah by Lucio Villa, Afroqbano by Carolina Sanchez)