Music Lineup: CumbiaSazo ft. Javier Estrada & Los Vicios de Papá [5/31/14]


DJ Javier Estrada

(Monterrey, Mexico)

Born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Javier Estrada has been recognized as a groundbreaking DJ & producer within the global & tropical bass scene and worldwide coupled with recognition from labels like Mad Decent, TropicAll, and Generation Bass, with whom he’s collaborated on mixtapes & productions.

Aside from regular touring, Javier Estrada has been featured at acclaimed Latin American festivals such as Festival NRMAL, Festival Marvin, and the venerable Vive Latino Festival, and his music’s indigenous roots combined with technical skill and a sense of playfulness have allowed him to fuse foundations from Hip Hop & Cumbia to Moombahton & Tribal Step to create a sound utterly danceable and liberating for Latin@s and beyond.

We at CumbiaSazo had a feeling Javier would be going under the radar a bit in Chicago, but we don’t even care because it’s time for this young producer’s introduction- we’re huge fans and believe the space is in for a treat.


Los Vicios de Papá


Los Vicios de Papá is a high energy internationally-rooted band with socially conscious lyrics stemming from their struggling and undocumented youth experience. LVDP’s sound started with a passion for ska & reggae and has evolved into an 8-piece band that arranges Cumbia, Dancehall, Huapachon, Hip Hop, Reggae and Ska to create an intoxicating mix that ignites concertgoers into a frenzy at all costs. We’re so excited to have them bless this ‘new’ stage in their home Pilsen for the first time.




I would go so far as to say (((Sonorama))) are the cumbia dons in these parts. They are DJs, vinyl lovers, lifelong students of good music, and children of the drum and groove in all its expressions who share a desire to shine light on the sonic treats that for one reason or another have been forgotten or simply haven’t gotten their due credit. They are music anthropologists interested in discovering and exploring the roots of contemporary music. Without a doubt (((Sonorama))) are some of our and Chicago’s favorite DJs.


Ida Y Vuelta


Ida y Vuelta comes from a long tradition of mexican folk music called Son Jarocho. The genre is a fusion of african, spanish and indigenous music and poetry and the band’s instrumentation is native to the Veracruz region and includes jaranas (8 string small guitars), requinto (lead 4 string guitar), cajón (wood peruvian box), cajita (small peruvian box), leona (acoustic bass), zapateado (percusive foot tapping) and vocals. Ida y Vuelta plays traditional sones that date back 300 hundred years as well as their own arrangements and original tunes and we know they’ll be a great feature for CumbiaSazo as we look to the past while looking to the future on a dance floor.



Maker’s got a stacked official bio and we’re going to let it ride out so you can know what a creative & talented force this man is. Many of you may recognize him as a hip hop producer and touring DJ but we personally enjoy how he doesn’t shy from dropping the cumbias & global tunes and as one of our favorite, most versatile DJs of any kind we couldn’t be more excited for him to set the party off right.

Marco Jacobo (aka Maker) emerged musically from the Chicago underground Hip-Hop community of the late 90s where fans came to associate hard, organic drums and deftly chopped/arranged samples with ‘The Sound of Maker’ and has since spent the years honing his production talent, releasing a barrage of albums/45s/remixes, and spending a lion’s share of his non-studio time on the road. Early on his beat-making prowess caught the attention of Chicago indie Hip-Hop labels Birthwrite and Galapagos4 and upon establishing himself as a Downtempo/Instrumental Hip-Hop powerhouse, Maker strived to incorporate live vocals and turntablism into his creations. The resulting endeavors are highlighted by his long-running partnership with MC Qwel and have afforded him the opportunity to perform alongside notable artists like Pharcyde, De La Soul, Masta Ace, Prince Paul, Little Brother, Mike Relm, Mos Def, MF Doom, Cage, Killah Priest, Mr. Dibbs, 2Mex, Sixtoo, Blockhead, and Shapeshifters with tour routes spanning the US, Europe, and Japan.

Being a producer is only one result of Maker being a self-described ‘crate digger.’ In 2006, he formed the DJ crew The Comeups Sound System, where a typical DJ set spans Funk, Soul, Latin, Hip-Hop, Disco, House, Downtempo, & Breaks. Maker’s DJ residencies have found him performing alongside artists like Pete Rock, Afrika Bambaataa, Steinski, Chicken George, Andy Smith of Portishead, Greyboy, DJ Day, D-Styles, Z-Trip, Peanut Butter Wolf, & Chairman Mao at nearly every trendy, low-fi, and/or large scale concert venue from Chicago to the coasts.


Vivian Garcia

I have been singing since..well..since I can remember. I picked up the guitar late in the game and began learning rhythms from Latin America and moved on to study some traditional flamenco at the Old Town School of Folk music and eventually took lessons in Granada, Spain at Escuela Carmen de las Cuevas. I am a singer who plays guitar, not the other way around and so I leave the complicated guitar work to the awesome people I get to perform with from time to time.

I have been a gigging musician since 1999 playing shows in Sarasota, Florida; Chicago, Illinois, and most recently in Madrid, Spain where I pursued an M.A. in Spanish literature. It is in Madrid that I began writing my own music and as life would have it, I joke that I moved to Spain to compose in English. I have been working with a few artists there and recorded my FIRST album this Fall.

I still play shows of primarily Spanish covers but am also incorporating my English originals into my sets. This is a transitory AND prolific phase of life for me as far as music is concerned and this year I am quite willing to give it all I have to collaborate with as many artists as possible and also create my own pieces. I hope some of you will stick around for this journey!

Peace, love and Light,

(Vivian will be accompanied by Jugo de Mango & Esso’s Armando Perez and also premiering the music video for their “Loc@s” release)



Soulphonetics is a Chicago-based DJ/producer collective comprised by Mexican north-sider Christian Vera and Belizean south-sider Caswell James. Together they’ve hustled diligently to bring the soulful sounds of house, hip-hop, jazz and all forms of Afro-Latin & electronic rhythms to the fabric of social consciousness. The eclectic duo firmly believe that music is an essential element of the nourishment of our mind, body and souls.


The Ponderers

The Ponderers began as a musical challenge for two Chicago music enthusiasts, Stephanie Manriquez of FMEL and Sandra Trevino of Enchufate, who were once given the task of providing an all day music set composed solely of female-fronted artists for a one day women’s empowerment-themed festival. Taking on the challenge and then some, Stephanie and Sandra have pushed forward in their writing and with collective DJ sets (and radio hosting in Sandra’s case) to feature female-fronted & Latin-alternative music. Using their talents to help others, The Ponderers are passionate about artists who they feel, at some point in time whether through lyrics, a video or a beat, have supported them.



Logan Lu

So we had a hard time finding a bio on Luis Tubens (aka Logan Lu) but he’s just that kind of guy– humble, behind the scenes, and focused on shining the light on others whether from a stage or in his work with the community. We’re so excited for Luis to be welcoming you all to the space and blessing the CumbiaSazo mic for the first time.


Sound Culture

Born and raised in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood David Chavez (DJ Sound Culture) has always had a great affinity for world cultures and deep music. His passion for both has to a large extent laid the path in front of him for most of his life. In the DJ booth Sound Culture is a cultural chemist of sorts, exploring the world’s sounds and finding the threads that tie us all together globally. From Bhangra to Balkan Beat, African Soukous to Latin House, he knows how to navigate your auditory senses. His live mixes are both dynamic and seamlessly cohesive and whether you’re a world music enthusiast or dance floor regular, he keeps things interesting.

Accolades for the CumbiaSazo resident include: Twice featured DJ at World Music Festival Chicago – the longest running world music festival in the country, featured world music DJ at Folk and Roots Festival Chicago 2011, featured DJ at Nomadic World Music Festival 2010, Voted favorite DJ by CHIRemezcla representing Chicago’s cutting edge latin music scene for the national En Tu Cuidad MySpace Latino campaign.


Itzi Nallah

Itzi Nallah is CumbiaSazo’s other resident DJ and our faithful organizer.  A member of FEX and Sonic Diaspora crews as well as Peoples DJs Collective, his focus is on global roots & bass music and creating liberation-minded dance floors.


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(Photos: Maker by Jam1, Sound Culture by Lucio Villa, Itzi Nallah by Nia Photo)