Arts & Vendors: CumbiaSazo May 23


Sobremesa Supper Club

Sobremesa Supper Club is a collaborative effort between Felipe Cabrera, Mayra Estrella, Efren Candelaria, and Chef Gabriel Moya. We are a dinner experience that aims to trigger encounters between individuals from different parts of town over a meal. Sobremesa strives to promote community and foster relationships through these connections.
DMNology chicago


DMNOLOGY or “DMN” the graffiti sorcerer, hails from the city of Chicago. He embarked on his artistic journey at an early age in the inner city neighborhoods, spray painting his nom de plume “Demon” on the walls and elevated trains of Chicago. Since the early 1990’s he has painted for organizations like the Chicago Park District and Chicago Public Schools, as well as local businesses and large companies like Red Bull. Currently he is an organizer for the international graffiti event “Meeting Of Styles” which takes place in over a dozen cities throughout the world. Through his graffiti art and involvement with MOS he has painted murals in Germany, Ireland, France, Serbia, Spain, England, & Malta, not to mention cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, & Saint Louis. His graffiti wild style has been compared to that of origami or folding paper. Although, he prefers to call it the “Wild Onion” style in reference to the indigenous name of Chicago.
Eco Boutique by Alejandra

Eco Boutique by Alejandra

Alejandra Araseb was born in Iguala, Guerrero and has lived in Chicago for over two decades. Her family has worked for two generations making cut crystal, silver and gold-handcrafted jewelry. Once in Chicago she decided to follow her family creative tradition and began to explore fashion design and home decorating. But it wasn’t until recently — as a transgender woman — that she decided to start her own business. In pursuit of her family artistic tradition, she began making floral arrangements, curiosities made out of plants and terrariums.

The idea of working and creating art out of living organisms that Mother Earth gives us has always been one of Alejandra’s greatest passions. She has been doing floral arrangements for the last 15 years and last year she started to create small works of art out of plants, called terrariums. These small ecosystems inside crystal containers, help her to promote an ecological culture and philosophy. Each terrarium that Alejandra creates is a unique artistic creation produced with the offspring that mother Earth gives us. Visit Alejandra’s Facebook page.

Madre de Perla

“Madre de Perla” Designs: Beautifully funk-tional, fresh, re-mixed & re-designed wallets, purses, clutches, bags, hats & accessories using hand cut & placed fabrics. All designs have vintage elements & recycled materials included & are one-of-a-kind.
Laura leisitkow

Laura Leistikow

Originally from Wisconsin, Laura Leistikow received an Art degree (with an emphasis in Printmaking) from Coe College and went on to receive a Digital Design Degree from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. While in Cedar Rapids she had a solo gallery show that explored space in relation to scale, dimension, categorization, movement and imagination. She also had the amazing opportunity to have her graphic design shown as a featured piece on a large art social networking site. After graduating, she started her freelance company Lamukta Design, working on projects for marketing materials, poster designs, and brand identities. She has been living in Chicago for 9 years, working with numerous non-profit organizations, local businesses, and large organizations helping lead design production projects. Surrounding herself with new atmosphere and cultural environments, Laura continues to fill her quest for artistic inspiration.
Thelma Uranga chicago

Thelma Uranga

A self-proclaimed Juana of all Trades, Thelma is enthusiastic about all things handmade and loves teaching teens to make their own accessories. Other blissful obsessions include baking pies, thrift store shopping and her dog Tula.
Leekovision Chicago


Live body painting, Chicago

Chicago born and raised Body Painter/Photographer/Designer Leekovision started in early 2007 and never looked back. An accomplished artist in his own right having worked with various models, galleries, brands, and festivals worldwide, he takes inspiration from the never ending life cycles as well the desire to create something new every day. Leekovision has the versatility to take works and models through a full creative process. From design & painting to photography & post-production, he skillfully experiments with images, manipulated colors, and detail enhancements to create an otherworldly style all his own. Check him out on Facebook & Instagram.


Goyo Diaz, sole creator at Bagizzles in Chicago, is a toy sculpture artist creating wire works, creatures, and sculptures.
Ojo Fino Boutique

Ojo Fino Boutique

Selina Garza, owner of Ojo Fino, has the “Fine Eye” of a gem-hunter, a vintage connoisseur, & a textile collector. Chicago born & raised she been hunting & collecting for nearly 20 years. Selina uses her Latin-American culture to inspire most of her buys. And she would love nothing more than to share them with you.
Lupillo Rock

Lupillo Rock

Jewelry & handcrafts
Robert Valadez

Robert Valadez

Robert Valadez was born and raised in Chicago’s largely Mexican Pilsen community. He began painting while attending Benito Juarez High School and participated in the painting of the school’s mural entitled “Esperanza”, created by Jaime Longoria and Malu Ortega Y Alberro in 1979. He studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the American Academy of Art and during the 80’s he became part of Pilsen’s vibrant mural movement. A former artist-in-residence at Casa Aztlan Cultural Center, Robert also has a significant body of personal artwork, much of it focusing on his bi-cultural identity. He has exhibited work in various group and solo exhibitions in addition to shows at the National Museum of Mexican Art where he has artwork in the permanent collection. He also is an accomplished muralist, having been commissioned by the city of Sterling Illinois and the City of Muskegon Michigan for large public works, and has received numerous other commissions, including a suite of paintings for the chapel altar at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, a painting of the Virgen de Guadalupe for The Claretians, the Shrine of St. Jude (A Catholic order), as well as commercial work for Nescafe Coffee, Miller Light & Chivas de Guadalajara Soccer team, among many others.
Upriver Productions

Upriver Productions

Cesar Rios is a photographer & video-maker that calls Bridgeport home. After graduating Columbia College Chicago with a film/video editing degree he later found a passion for taking stills and has divided his time between motion and still images since. He currently freelances under his Upriver Productions business and also is the in-house video producer at the National Hellenic Museum. He is sensitive to beauty and emotion – one who who captures the essence of life both social and natural. His images can be intense, accepting, and embracing to real life’s imperfections and offer a visual escape. His goal is to share as many images with his audience and have them appreciate/reflect/escape in whichever way they interpret his work.
Archetype Designs Chicago

Archetype Designs – Frances Klick

My passion for design comes from a fulfillment in self expression and creativity.  I appreciate the innovative and unique, and try to implement those characteristics in my pieces.  I love to breathe new life and reinvent what once was through the re-purposing of used and vintage pieces.  It is also important to me to honor our natural resources and create deeper connections to ourselves and our Earth’s elements. I enjoy giving my creations a story all of their own.  Archetype Designs was created with a purpose of embracing us all.

Twenty Thou

Twenty Thou is the project of Nicold Ologundudu. She’s an accessory designer based in Chicago who loves working with her hands and strives to look for unique, funky, cool beads and findings that can make her work stand out. Twenty Thou is her own personal student loan bailout, the story behind the name is that her goal is to sell twenty thousand pieces to pay off her student loans.
Made by Julio Chicago

Made by Julio

My name is Julio Sanchez, I am an undocumented and queer artist and the creator behind #MadebyJulio. I have been creating jewelry for over a year. My ideas for pieces are inspired by Southwest, Urban, and Mexican cultures. Most of my jewelry include colorful stones from Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Mexico. Every piece is original, one-of-a-kind, and handmade by me with lots of love and detail.

Liz Reyes

(Live painting) Liz Reyes is an artist from the southwest side of Chicago. Most of her work is created through the use of Aerosol paint, her true passion, but also acrylic paint & acrylic paint markers. Liz is also a graffiti writer and teaching artist who has created large aerosol murals independently and also with young people as part of various school residencies. Most of her canvas work is based around sugar skulls and Dia de los Muertos themes and she’s also dabbled in tattooing. In Liz’ words, “Most of my other pieces are based on experiences of my own or stories of good friends. I try to create work my view could relate to.”

Tarot by Laura

Laura is a natural psychic and tarotologyst and also enjoys consulting Spanish cards and various oracles. Born in Mexico City, she is very familiar with Mexican folk magick and pagan practices of her native land. A “Bruja” in tune with the cycles of nature and the magick within, she is always willing to help those in need.
GlitterGuts photo booth

Glitter Guts

GlitterGuts is the bastard child of portraiture, installation art, and event photography. Our aim is to capture the world we live in at its best, the culture, the subcultures, and the counterculture. Find us where people are enjoying themselves.