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CumbiaSazo FunVid #4

Recap of party happenings at CumbiaSazo May 23, 2015 at Double Door (Chicago). Much love to Guapachosos, LA’s Viento Callejero & Ali Gua Gua, Ivan Vazquez, DJ Quality…

Everything Is Awesome Mix

Everything is Awesome from CumbiaSazo on 8tracks Radio. Spring flavors from lovers, friends & favorite beatmakers. Art + compilation by Itzi Nallah.

CumbiaSazo Kids

Announcing: CumbiaSazo KIDS!

Since 2011, CumbiaSazo dance parties have welcomed tons of partygoers to dance-all-night events showcasing local culture, live bands & DJs alongside visual artists, vendors, chefs, and more. Our…

CumbiaSazo Heart Melissa Duprey

Making of the CumbiaSazo Heart

For March 2015’s party we wanted some Aries flare, so decided to go in on some heart, blood & fire themes with the party decor. Here we have…

CumbiaSazo FunVid #3

A Recap of party happenings at CumbiaSazo Jan 25, 2015 at Double Door. A shout out to appearances by BomBon-Houston’s Gracie Chavez & La Comadre, DJs Shazam Bangles…

CumbiaSazo chicago

CumbiaSazo FunVid #2

A glimpse of party happenings from November featuring photo by William Camargo & GlitterGuts + video. Chorizo Funk & VJ 4th Wall from Texas’ Peligrosa crew rocked the…

Bomba Con Buya at CumbiaSazo chicago

Bomba Con Buya (live recap)

We finally had a chance to collaborate with Chicago’s Bomba Con Buya ensemble at CumbiaSazo and they sure brought the fiyah. Here’s a video recap of part of…

Cumbia Chiberia Mix CumbiaSazo Chicago

Cumbia Chiberia Mix

Cumbia Chiberia from CumbiaSazo on 8tracks Radio. Chiberia’s got us trapped in the house and all we have is cumbia. Art + compilation by Itzi Nallah.