Featured Artists & Vendors: CumbiaSazo [Oct 22]

Pinche Alvarito

Pinche Alvarito

(Live painting)

Pinche Alvarito is an alias/brand I came up with cause my Abuelita used to call me that. My medium spans from Ink pens & markers, to pencil, acrylic paint, and digital paintings. I’m Queer Latinx (Mexican) and mainly a portrait artist. You can check out my work on Facebook.


Fa Garcia / FNG

Fa Garcia

(Live painting)

My name is Fatima Garcia and I’m a starving artist for knowledge and romance. I grew up in Little Village, worked in retail many years, and love to travel the world. I love to be creative with paints, fabric and words and create mixed media art on canvas. My paintings vary from how I feel to people & that I find interesting. I also create limited collections of contemporary, fun, comfortable and versatile clothing for young ladies- sketching illustrations, drafting patterns, making samples and finalizing the garments myself.




(Tarot & Spiritual Readings)

Born in St. Christiansted, St. Croix, Billie is a multidisciplinary artist currently living in Chicago. Billie gains their strength from their Caribbean and African culture and being the first generation of their family in the US, Billie has made a point of highlighting the oppression their family and people have faced being a part of this country. They have been writing poetry since the age of eight and has fallen in love with a multitude of other artistic mediums including 2D/3D, performance art, metal sculpting and singing. Billie attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale whose published work can be found in Overthrowing Capitalism Vol 2: Beyond Endless War, Racist, Police, Sexist Elites, and as a featured artist in Sixty Inches from Center. Currently Billie is actress and Art Director for Confusion 2: Betrayal, which is set to be released in December, and more recently finished directing the short film Escape for the 48 Hour Film Festival.


Eco Boutique by Alejandra

Eco Boutique by Alejandra

Alejandra Araseb was born in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico and has lived in Chicago for over two decades. Her family has worked for two generations making cut crystal, silver and gold-handcrafted jewelry. Once in Chicago she decided to follow her family creative tradition and began to explore fashion design and home decorating. But it wasn’t until recently — as a transgender woman — that she decided to start her own business. In pursuit of her family artistic tradition, she began making floral arrangements, curiosities made out of plants and terrariums.

The idea of working and creating art out of living organisms that Mother Earth gives us has always been one of Alejandra’s greatest passions. She has been doing floral arrangements for the last 15 years and last year she started to create small works of art out of plants, called terrariums. These small ecosystems inside crystal containers, help her to promote an ecological culture and philosophy. Each terrarium that Alejandra creates is a unique artistic creation produced with the offspring that mother Earth gives us. Facebook page.


Naqees art

Naqees Art

I’m a local Chicago artist born and raised on the south side of Chicago. Throughout my life I’ve been exploring the various dimensions of art and have been told that I had a natural talent for creating things with my hands. However, I think there is no such thing as a natural talent. I always thought that if one was to firmly believe in something, one can manifest it in the exact way they visualized it. After having embraced this outlook – roughly around the middle of 2011- I decided not go to school to earn a particular degree or get a common job. After putting all my dedication and high expectation towards the world of art, everything is beginning to fall into place in its own way. While exploring different kinds of mediums, I have found myself to be really fascinated with oils, acrylics and pencils are also starting to become a deep part of my daily art interest and as I continue to explore different mediums, I intend to conform all kinds of styles together: from sculpturing to abstract and realism paintings. I will develop my own art world and thank my family and the people I meet on a daily basis for motivating me to do art. Website


Calli calli

Calli Calli

Calli Calli features home created goods that adorn our temples…from our bodies and skin to the places we dwell in. Unique pieces for unique souls/sols.


Anj Natasha artist

Anj Natasha

Artist Anj Natasha works directly with the affective aesthetic qualities of the visual arts to create paintings full of specific energetic value that bring these vibrations in the atmosphere you place them. From Eternal Youth, Financial Prosperity, or specific chakral activating works the paintings are all original blessings and come with recommendations on where to hang them in the home.


Liz Reyes Chicago CumbiaSazo

ForEver Sprayz

Liz Reyes aka ForEver Sprayz is an artist from the southwest side of Chicago. Most of her work is created through the use of Aerosol paint, her true passion, but also acrylic paint & acrylic paint markers. Liz is also a graffiti writer and teaching artist who has created large aerosol murals independently and also with young people as part of various school residencies. Most of her canvas work is based around sugar skulls and Dia de los Muertos themes and she’s also dabbled in tattooing. In Liz’ words, “Most of my other pieces are based on experiences of my own or stories of good friends. I try to create work my view could relate to.”


Beading Corazon Chicago

Beading Corazón

What started as a hobby, led by inspiration from my latino culture, transformed into a very intense therapeutic journey for me. It has allowed me to express an artistic side that I’m extremely passionate about.


Scholar Comics chicago

ScholaR Comics

ScholaR Comics is inspired by the real life events of the creator and illustrator, Vicko Alvarez. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas,but currently living on the south side of Chicago, Vicko is one of five children born to working class immigrant parents. The stories told in ScholaR Comics reflect a clashing of cultures and generations. The comics use lighthearted, sometimes humorous events to tell otherwise tough stories of growing up Latina in a low-income neighborhood.


Archetypes Design

Archetypes Design

My passion for design comes from a fulfillment in self expression and creativity.  I appreciate the innovative and unique, and try to implement those characteristics in my pieces.  I love to breathe new life and reinvent what once was through the re-purposing of used and vintage pieces.  It is also important to me to honor our natural resources and create deeper connections to ourselves and our Earth’s elements. I enjoy giving my creations a story all of their own.  Archetypes Design was created with a purpose of embracing us all. Facebook page



Rootid Jewelry

Rootid Jewelry is an eco-conscious jewelry line. We you macramé techniques to create one of kind works of art adding in natural seeds and recycled stones and beads, also we incorporate found objects.


GlitterGuts Photo booth CumbiaSazo

GlitterGuts Photobooth

GlitterGuts is the bastard child of portraiture, installation art, and event photography. Our aim is to capture the world we live in at its best, the culture, the subcultures, and the counterculture. Find us where people are enjoying themselves.


Eating is for Winners chicago

Eating is For Winners

Gabriella Giovana Parra aka Eating is for Winners is Chicago-based but her roots are from her hometown Puebla, Mexico. She has had some formal training but her strongest foundation and influence has come from her seven aunts and her Mother. Gabriela specializes in Mexican comfort food, essentially the food she grew up eating with her family, but recreates it using the Farm to Table ideology.



Twenty Thou

Twenty Thou is the project of Nicold Ologundudu. She’s an accessory designer based in Chicago who loves working with her hands and strives to look for unique, funky, cool beads and findings that can make her work stand out. Twenty Thou is her own personal student loan bailout, the story behind the name is that her goal is to sell twenty thousand pieces to pay off her student loans.


#soIL rock art jewelry


Wood & rock jewelry by Seneca Price-Kern


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