Visual Arts & Vendors: CumbiaSazo [3/26/16]

Ariel Mejia Creations

Bloodmoon Pottery

I have been a potter for over 15 years. My goal is to make unique and special wares that hold magic, and are pleasurable to look at, touch and use. Website.


Scholar Comics chicago

ScholaR Comics

ScholaR Comics is inspired by the real life events of the creator and illustrator, Vicko Alvarez. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas,but currently living on the south side of Chicago, Vicko is one of five children born to working class immigrant parents. The stories told in ScholaR Comics reflect a clashing of cultures and generations. The comics use lighthearted, sometimes humorous events to tell otherwise tough stories of growing up Latina in a low-income neighborhood.


Pirinola handcrafts chicago

Pirinola Handcrafts

Multifaceted like a pirinola, or spinning top, the artist uses varying art forms to translate her love for music, justice, and nature. From giant paper flowers to hand cut wooden puzzles, everyday objects are used in unexpected ways to bring joy and inspiration, making Pirinola Handcrafts a great source for gifts for anyone you love. Check out Pirinola Handcrafts on facebook.


Raul Ra chicago

Raul Ra

Raul Ra is a Chicago-based illustrator/muralist. Instagram


Eating is for Winners

Eating is For Winners

Gabriella Giovana Parra aka Eating is for Winners is Chicago-based but her roots are from her hometown Puebla, Mexico. She has had some formal training but her strongest foundation and influence has come from her seven aunts and her Mother. Gabriela specializes in Mexican comfort food, essentially the food she grew up eating with her family, but recreates it using the Farm to Table ideology.


Daaka Jewelry Chicago

Daaka Jewelry

Daaka, as in darker, burned, painted, raw, and beaded wood jewelry, by Aleisha Rogers.


Made by Julio at CumbiaSazo Chicago

Made by Julio

My name is Julio Sanchez, I am an undocumented and queer artist and the creator behind #MadebyJulio. I have been creating jewelry for over two years. My ideas for pieces are inspired by Southwest, Urban, and Mexican cultures. Most of my jewelry include colorful stones from Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Mexico. Every piece is original, one-of-a-kind, and handmade by me with lots of Love and Detail.


Bodega Diez y Ocho chicago


Bodega18 was inspired by 18th street in the Pilsen Community in Chicago. A community where many generations of families have planted their seeds. 18th street, also known as, “la diez y ocho”, is the street that runs through the heart of it all. Although, Pilsen is now an up and coming community, it was once a community of many immigrant and low income families. Nevertheless, this community has always taken pride in our Mexican culture and showed it through murals and art all throughout our streets. “Diez Y Ocho” is now expressing that art in a different way, through custom handmade purses and bags. Each one is uniquely made and influenced by the inspirations of our Mexican culture, such as Frida Kahlo, Maria Sabina and even favorite childhood memories. “La Catarina”, is translated as, “The Ladybug”.


ZihuaPochteka chicago


We are two ZihuaPochtekas committed to preserving and sharing our ancestor’s tools and techniques to decolonize the body, mind & spirit while respecting Mother Earth and sharing love & understanding with our community.




(live nail art)

Growing up I always had love to design and paint. And now here I am in Chicago doing what I love most. I been doing nails for 17 years now and passionate about my job. As years go by I notice that I have a great eye for nail art. I most likely freestyle my art on clients and they would always love it! What inspired me is just seeing beauty in all expect in life and what better way to express it then on nails.


Himom chicago celica beltran


#HIMOM is a jewelry line with an homage to the artists mother who has always been supportive of her and her passion for the arts.  Celica Beltran is a Chicago based artist who has been teaching jewelry design to the city’s youth for the last four years. She recently started her #HIMOM jewelry line to inspire her students to pursue their dreams. The one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces allows the designer to keep ideas fresh to compliment a persons unique style.


Archetypes Design

Archetypes Design

My passion for design comes from a fulfillment in self expression and creativity.  I appreciate the innovative and unique, and try to implement those characteristics in my pieces.  I love to breathe new life and reinvent what once was through the re-purposing of used and vintage pieces.  It is also important to me to honor our natural resources and create deeper connections to ourselves and our Earth’s elements. I enjoy giving my creations a story all of their own.  Archetypes Design was created with a purpose of embracing us all. Facebook page


Nochtli baker chicago


We are a local family business working out of our home-based kitchen.  Our passion is bringing the goodness of our delicious, traditional Mexican and Latino family recipes to your table! Facebook page



Ivan Vazquez

Live Painting, Chicago

Ivan Vazquez’ work is Realism, Surrealism, and Modern Abstract Expressionism. Born 1982 in Cd. Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico D.F and raised on the south side of Chicago IL, Ivan’s work tells stories pertaining to Domestic, Social and political issues from an urban vantage point.


Inezita Santos Jewelry

Inezita Santos Jewelry

My name is Cynthia Inez Zaker – born, raised & I still reside in the Back Of The Yards. I’ve been making/designing jewelry for over 10 years for family & friends. What started out as a hobby/past-time between attending Special Olympic training & events with my autistic brother, jewelry quickly became something we both love to make – We enjoy seeing people wear our designs & connecting with them through mutual love of gemstones & bling!


CumbiaSazo photobooth Glitterguts

GlitterGuts Photobooth

GlitterGuts is the bastard child of portraiture, installation art, and event photography. Our aim is to capture the world we live in at its best, the culture, the subcultures, and the counterculture. Find us where people are enjoying themselves.



Rootid Jewelry

Rootid Jewelry is an eco-conscious jewelry line. We you macramé techniques to create one of kind works of art adding in natural seeds and recycled stones and beads, also we incorporate found objects.



Metamorphosis Creations

Sasha Tweel is a jewelry and fiber artist. Her work is usually inspired by antique pieces, nature, interesting color combinations, and rich textures. A former social worker in the anti-violence movement and roller derby girl, Sasha can often be found doing something to make waves. &


Piñatas Don Beto

Piñatas Don Beto

Piñatas Don Beto is bringing the beauty of Mexico to the Windy City. I travel throughout Mexico and find some of the most beautiful handmade crafts and Jewelry



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Photos: Scholar Comics, Spilz by Carolina Sanchez; Eating is for Winners by Glitterguts