Visual Arts & Vendors: CumbiaSazo April 23

Afrokilla chicago


Multimedia artist inspired by roaming the streets of Chicago, highlighting the things that I see and unique characters I come across. Since exploring the paint world for the last five years I’ve really grown a passion for live art. Having an audience to vibe with really helps to express my work. By maintaining an organic flow I lean towards not using reference photos. Just go with the flow, it’s always a new experience!



Sobremesa Supper Club

Sobremesa Supper Club is a collaborative effort between Felipe Cabrera, Mayra Estrella, Efren Candelaria, and Chef Gabriel Moya. We are a dinner experience that aims to trigger encounters between individuals from different parts of town over a meal. Sobremesa strives to promote community and foster relationships through these connections.


Hoda Katebi

Hoda Katebi

Hoda Katebi is a Muslim-Iranian activist fashion blogger at JooJoo Azad. Her first book, Tehran Streetstyle, is the first-ever collection of modern (mostly illegal/underground) streetstyle fashion from the streets of Tehran, Iran and works to actively challenge both mainstream Western Orientalist projects as well domestic Iranian governmental dress codes.


Liz Reyes Chicago CumbiaSazo

Liz Reyes

Liz Reyes is an artist from the southwest side of Chicago. Most of her work is created through the use of Aerosol paint, her true passion, but also acrylic paint & acrylic paint markers. Liz is also a graffiti writer and teaching artist who has created large aerosol murals independently and also with young people as part of various school residencies. Most of her canvas work is based around sugar skulls and Dia de los Muertos themes and she’s also dabbled in tattooing. In Liz’ words, “Most of my other pieces are based on experiences of my own or stories of good friends. I try to create work my view could relate to.”


Hamaca Humilde

hamaca humilde

hamaca humilde is herbal medicines and body products, bodily adornments, birth doula/labor companion services, poetry, and other offerings.


Michelle West Chicago

Michelle West

Michelle West is an Illustrator, painter and Designer who’s focus of work is based upon the female form, psychology, and graffiti. Michelle has been featured in other art shows at the Silver Room, and at Sir and Madame in Chicago.


Bloodmoon Pottery

Bloodmoon Pottery

I have been a potter for over 15 years. My goal is to make unique and special wares that hold magic, and are pleasurable to look at, touch and use. Website


Tarot by Laura Gonzalez

Tarot by Laura

Laura is a natural psychic and tarotologyst and also enjoys consulting Spanish cards and various oracles. Born in Mexico City, she is very familiar with Mexican folk magick and pagan practices of her native land. A “Bruja” in tune with the cycles of nature and the magick within, she is always willing to help those in need.


Scholar Comics chicago

ScholaR Comics

ScholaR Comics is inspired by the real life events of the creator and illustrator, Vicko Alvarez. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas,but currently living on the south side of Chicago, Vicko is one of five children born to working class immigrant parents. The stories told in ScholaR Comics reflect a clashing of cultures and generations. The comics use lighthearted, sometimes humorous events to tell otherwise tough stories of growing up Latina in a low-income neighborhood.


Colectivo Mariposas Chicago

Colectivo Mariposas

Colectivo Mariposas is a group of women who share the same passion and objective to create and teach each other the art of handcrafted jewelry. Each piece is created uniquely by the makers personality.  Instagram: @colectivomariposas


Beading Corazon Chicago

Beading Corazón

What started as a hobby, led by inspiration from my latino culture, transformed into a very intense therapeutic journey for me. It has allowed me to express an artistic side that Im extremely passionate about.


Spilz chicago


(live nail art)

Growing up I always had love to design and paint. And now here I am in Chicago doing what I love most. I been doing nails for 17 years now and passionate about my job. As years go by I notice that I have a great eye for nail art. I most likely freestyle my art on clients and they would always love it! What inspired me is just seeing beauty in all expect in life and what better way to express it then on nails.


GlitterGuts Photo booth CumbiaSazo

GlitterGuts Photobooth

GlitterGuts is the bastard child of portraiture, installation art, and event photography. Our aim is to capture the world we live in at its best, the culture, the subcultures, and the counterculture. Find us where people are enjoying themselves.


AngMir Designs

AngMir Designs

Angela Hernandez aka AngMir is a mixed media artist who was born & raised in the Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago. Growing up she immediately fell in love with her cultura Mexicana & watching & helping her grandma & mother create. It was enriching family time. Something about visiting outdoor markets & festivals was so inviting, so accepting, so normal that she now proudly enjoys participating in them to share her work.

AngMirs’ work range from wearable art, photography, handmade dollies & shadow boxes. She incorporates bright bold colors, clay & recyclable items into her pieces as a way to make it more lively & give it new life.



La Tribu

La Tribu, artesania en macrame, alpaca, bronce, cobre, plata, piedras, accesorios unicos, confeccionados y tejidos a mano, unete a esta tribu!


Izzy's Artwork

Izzy’s Artwork

Izzy’s Artwork has a mixture of both new and classic paintings. Come take a look at artwork that collides with culture, reality and fantasy.


Crimson Heart

Crimson Heart

Magali Almada aka Crimson Heart is a self-taught artist from Brazil currently living in Chicago.



Rootid Jewelry

Rootid Jewelry is an eco-conscious jewelry line. We you macramé techniques to create one of kind works of art adding in natural seeds and recycled stones and beads, also we incorporate found objects.



Limba Gal

Jewelry Making

Limba Gal is a celebration of African Culture. Embracing the chic, sassy, colorful vibrancy of the culture as well as the subtle, dominant, mysteriously elegant strength of the continent.



Rebel Betty

Visual Installation + Face Painting

Rebel Betty is an independent visual artist and event organizer working across Chicago’s barrios to create and foster creative outlets for emerging artists and independent business.


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